How does the Solo Armada work?

The Solo Armada was formed. People were becoming close friends, meeting at gigs, comedy venues, any opportunity to go out and do something. But it felt a bit selfish. We were a random group of people that had met and now had each other. It seemed a shame to keep it just for ourselves because we were pretty sure there were others out there that wanted to get out and meet people.

You might be reading this thinking “I go out on my own anyway and I don’t care what people think!” and that is absolutely brilliant. But for every one of those people, there’s probably another ten, twenty or whatever wanting to go out but just don’t have the courage, nerves or even the ability to do so. And so the badges were created along with the logo: a small sail boat carrying a single. solo person to whichever destination they were heading for. No words. Just a simple recognizabe logo.


People forget faces. Many people will turn up to meet others at a gig or event having never met before.

We needed something that anyone could recognise to help identify someone else that had also travelled (or once travelled) on their own and were open to meeting new people. More importantly, to welcome them if they were feeling nervous and put them at ease.

The plan each year is to change the colour scheme, so when the current badges are gone, they’re gone!

The badges have proved so popular that we couldn’t afford to have them made and post them out to everyone that asked. It was completely self-funded, and there’s only so far funds can go. However, recently people have started to make contributions. People none of us have met face to face but who all believe in the Solo Armada, and what it’s aiming to achieve.  

So with that, a huge thank you to each and every person that have contributed! You’ll never know how much it means!



To connect people through a common love of music. Not just Frank Turner but any band, artist or event.

To help and support those that aren’t quite sure if it’s the right thing to do going to that gig on their own.

To encourage people to talk, communicate and make the world we live in a little bit better (*cue MJ standing on a smoking fan blasting him in the face with wind whilst his white shirt waves violently behind him* – and yes his arms are out-stretched).


You are!

Not the original group that met.
Not the person with a badge.
The Solo Armada is NOT an exclusive group, in fact it’s the opposite! If you want to be part of it then you are.
You don’t need anyone’s permission, acceptance or consent. It can be something different to each individual and their needs. 

If it still sounds like it’s for you, see how you can get involved and become a part of the Solo Armada.