Solo Armada Music Awards 2021 -Nominations

5th December 2021 0 By Wes Bowie

This year we’ve heard some amazing new albums! Containing brilliant songs! Performed by our favourite artists and bands! Which is no different from any other year right? Oh of course…there was also the long awaited return of live music! Why do we need a Year End Awards? Are we even in the position to say which artist had the best album or greatest performance? No, we probably aren’t but that’s not what this is all about. It’s the chance to say which music meant the most to you and to share that experience. Could it have been that support act that you never heard of before and now you have tickets to their gigs next year? Or the artist that appeared randomly on your Spotify shuffle who you haven’t stopped listening to since? Maybe it was a random post from someone raving about a certain artist? I know for me personally it was all the above. 

So don’t take the awards to seriously, see it as our chance as a community to recommend and discover new music and have some fun!

What do you need to do? Click the link below and nominate up to three bands/artists in each category. That’s it! All nominations will be collated and the top three in each category will be put forward for voting on Wednesday 22nd December. The question is…who are you nominating?


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