Solo Armada 2020 Enamel Badges – How to pre-order

Solo Armada 2020 Enamel Badges – How to pre-order

26th December 2019 1 By Wes Bowie


2020 is the Solo Armada’s 3rd Birthday and to celebrate we’re launching the NEW enamel badges with a NEW colour scheme in May (the photos featured with badges are previous versions of the colour schemes and will not be the pre-ordered version).

As promised we will also be doing the lyric cards again with EVERY badge. You can either see which lyrics you get or have you own personalised ones written (more details below). The Mosh Pit Enablers will also be included along with instructions on how to remove them…yeah…we know. 😉

Remember how we keep going on about 2020 being a big year for the Solo Armada? We’re kicking off the surprises early and we’ve also decided to have made… Bottle Opener Key Rings (Kim’s idea so that she can always get to her alcohol… we know you understand)! These will be available alongside the Enamel Badges but not separately. This is mainly due to how much time is required with just the badges alone.

Payment is required when pre-ordering as the Enamel badges/Key Rings cost a lot more to produce and post than the button badges we give away for free at gigs. This also helps us to estimate how many Enamel Badges/Key rings are required and if you pre-order we guarantee all the items. A few extra will be ordered but once they’re gone they’re gone. We won’t be placing anymore orders. Don’t worry, the free badges will still be available with the new colour scheme.

Postage and packaging is also included for any pre-orders in the UK. We’ve tried to keep costs to a minimum for those outside the UK and they’ll be an additional cost of £2.50 per package (you can order multiple items and only have to pay the one cost of £2.50).

We’re aiming to get all pre-orders out to you within the first two weeks of May.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for supporting and helping what we’re trying to achieve so far, bringing people together through a shared love of music!

How to Pre-Order & Make Payment (Please take the time to read and email any queries).

*If you require more Enamel Badges or Key Rings than listed below please send an email and we’ll respond ASAP

STEP 1: Send an email (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!):

Include the following:

  • Name & Address
  • Items and quantity of each required
  • Personalised Lyrics if required – Please note that space on the lyric card is limited but we will do our best.

STEP 2: Select the PayPal Link payment option below that corresponds to your pre-order (ESSENTIAL…DON’T DO THIS DRUNK):

*Use the links provided as the old PayPal address is no longer active.

*Please ensure the currency when on the PayPal page is correct for where you are a resident.

* If you are OUTSIDE the UK, EU or North America please send an email and we will send you a personalised PayPal link.

UK Residents (includes postage)

North America Residents (includes postage)

European Residents (includes postage)