Solo Armada Music Awards 2019 Nominations – Best Festival 2019

Solo Armada Music Awards 2019 Nominations – Best Festival 2019

23rd November 2019 0 By soloarmada

(By Stuart Iversen, Wes Bowie, Kim Sheader & Drewe Manton)

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Over the past few weeks, The Solo Armada has been nominating the artists and bands that they think have had the biggest impact on them personally in 2019 over six different categories. The next few days we’ll be announcing who has been nominated in each category leading up to Sunday 24th November where you’ll be able vote.

But why do we need a Year End Music Awards? It’s a celebration of music. The opportunity to shout about that one band, album or song you discovered this year and wanted everyone to know about. It’s also the opportunity to explore! Is there a band or artist listed below that you’ve never heard of? Then give them a listen! More importantly… this is decided by you…the people that are the most important to live music…that go to the gigs…buy the merch and keep it all alive!

2000 Trees

There is a reason 2000 Trees is up for this award for the second year in a row. It’s fucking brilliant. Not only is it one of the friendliest festivals you will ever visit, packed with great food and enough booze to satisfy the thirstiest of people, but it also books the best bands. Where else can you go and watch The Armed run riot around a tent on the same day that you’ve had a lie-down, hungover and regretting your life choices while being spellbound by A.A. Williams? Heavy, soft and everything in-between, you can regret never going, or you can buy a ticket and become part of the family.

Tickets for 2000 Trees 2020 can be found HERE

Lost Evening 3

For many, each of the previous Lost Evenings had been more about the people we meet and the friends we make, and this year was no different. Well, except for the fact that this year was the first time the festival was held overseas in Boston, MA. The Frank Turner led festival is obviously a must see for any of his fans but the opportunity to discover new music is present throughout. This year in particular was special because of the open mic sessions held daily at Bill’s Bar giving ANYONE the opportunity to perform before heading over to the main venue at the House Of Blues. The Nick Alexander Stage was again present with so many good bands enjoying themselves as well the crowd that had gathered and as each day passed you recognised more and more people. The fear that the atmosphere in Camden from the last two Lost Evenings couldn’t be recreated was gone within a few hours of the first day. 

This festival is the reason the Solo Armada exists in the first place and it was so special to see another country fully embrace the idea and meaning behind the SA, and still continue to do so. So Berlin…over to you.

Discover some of the bands/artists that played on the NA Stage in our LOST EVENINGS 3: NICK ALEXANDER STAGE – SUPPORT ACT GUIDE

Find out about the people who went and their stories: POETRY OF THE CROWD: TALES OF LE3

Camden Rocks

Camden and music go together like toilets and selfies, so a festival taking place in old Camden Town makes all the sense in the world. What makes Camden Rocks stand out, though, is just how much of it there is. Want to set up camp in a tiny pub and watch bands you’ve never heard of before? Go for it. Or perhaps you’d rather grab a spot at one of the bigger venues and be treated to the likes of Ginger Wildheart and Frank Turner? Yup, they’ve got that too. It’s a weekend packed with music and, if anything, too much choice.

Tickets for Camden Rocks events can be found HERE