Solo Armada Music Awards 2019 – Best Live Act 2019

Solo Armada Music Awards 2019 – Best Live Act 2019

23rd November 2019 0 By soloarmada

(By Stuart Iversen, Wes Bowie, Kim Sheader & Drewe Manton)

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Over the past few weeks, The Solo Armada has been nominating the artists and bands that they think have had the biggest impact on them personally in 2019 over six different categories. The next few days we’ll be announcing who has been nominated in each category leading up to Sunday 24th November where you’ll be able vote.

But why do we need a Year End Music Awards? It’s a celebration of music. The opportunity to shout about that one band, album or song you discovered this year and wanted everyone to know about. It’s also the opportunity to explore! Is there a band or artist listed below that you’ve never heard of? Then give them a listen! More importantly… this is decided by you…the people that are the most important to live music…that go to the gigs…buy the merch and keep it all alive!

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

There are many ways to create a great live show. You have bands that jump around, causing chaos to the extent that the music almost becomes irrelevant. Then some are all about the tunes, delivering banger after banger until you forget they’re there because you’re too busy screaming every word, crying your eyes out and hugging whoever stands near you. And then, some create a bubble, a bubble into which for an hour or two they invite you, and make you feel part of their world. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ bubble is more impressive than most.
Which is not to say he doesn’t have songs or that he stands static on stage (neither is the case), but Frank’s shows are all about community. Whether it is providing a safe space for women to crowd surf or delivering impassioned speeches about mental health, you get the feeling he genuinely gives a shit. It’s a fascinating change from the mouthy gobshite who once led Gallows (as brilliant as that was) and has seen him transform into the kind of figure that every scene needs.

Tickets to see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes can be found HERE

Gaz Brookfield

For the second year running (and the second category he’s been nominated in…so far) Gaz Brookfield is deservedly in the final nominations for Best Live Act 2019. The self-proclaimed solo acoustic guy, Gaz has proven himself as a hard-working, independent singer/songwriter and as a result, is one of the best live acts around. His touring is pretty much non-stop. What makes his shows so special is his connection with the crowd and how relatable his songs are to everyone. 

With his battered up guitar and Solo Armada badge on it’s strap it’s clear Gaz understands music and how it can bring people together. Almost every gig where it’s possible you’ll find him jumping down into the crowd to belt out a few songs and it’s impossible not to sing along with him and everyone else. 

Tickets for Gaz Brookfield’s upcoming shows can be found HERE

We also having the final Solo Armada meet up of 2019 prior to his Bristol gig on 14th December. More details HERE

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

Is anyone really surprised to see Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls as finalists in a Best Live Act 2019 category? If it’s Frank on his own or with The Sleeping Souls, there’s no one that can perform quite like him.  With each gig he gives his all and encourages the same from the people in the crowd and you can’t help but be swept up in the energy.  And although others may question what the appeal is to see him time and time again you only need to look at his back catalogue of songs to know why. Yeah, you’ll get the usual songs that are expected to make an appearance at most of Frank’s gig but he always manages to include those special rarities because there’s so many! On top of that, Frank has worked hard to make his shows a warm and welcoming place from his assertion that his fans take care of each other to his work with Safe Gigs For Women. There are a lot of musicians who claim to want everyone to feel at home, but few who put the work into it that he does.

Tickets to see Frank play on his latest tour can be found HERE