SOLO ARMADA: Sept ’19 Update

SOLO ARMADA: Sept ’19 Update

12th September 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

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Solo Armada has had a massive increase in new members over the last few months so we thought we would provide a place with everything we have planned over the coming months and also what to a few other things that are ongoing:

What is the Solo Armada?

Firstly… It’s ok to go to a gig on your own!

The aim is to encourage more solo (and non-solo) gig-goers to meet up at live music venues across the world and support others that have never been to one on their own, find it hard to find someone to go with or  just want to meet new people. Solo Armada we have helped so many people, and we want to spread that far and wide!

CLICK HERE to find out how the Solo Armada started

Pre-gig Meet Ups

Meet ups for a few drinks prior to a gig are definitely encouraged so that people who are coming on their own have a place to feel welcome and potentially make new friends. You’ll see through social media just how many people have become friends. The meet ups are really relaxed and there’s no expectation from anyone other than to have a good time. See below for upcoming events that have been planned.

Frank Turner, No Mans Land Tour – We’ve somehow managed to arrange a pre-gig meet up for most of the dates on Franks Tour of North America and the UK! Thank you to all those involved! If you have tickets make sure to stop by and get a free badge! To see the event go to Facebook and type ‘Solo Armada’ and the City that Frank is playing in.

Christmas Gig 2019– Last year we picked a gig for anyone that could make it to meet up at for a “few” Christmas drinks and one last gig before the New Year. This year we’re heading to see Gaz Brookfield (full band) play in Bristol on 14th December. Check out the Facebook Event Page HERE.

I’m not small, I just live really far away

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, guaranteed there’s someone else near you that loves music just as much as you. Thanks to Darren Moore, we have a Google Map of which Cities people are living in and most probably heading to gigs. Just have a look for the post in the Facebook group and get yourself added by leaving a comment.

Special Features

Occasionally we will do special features (sometimes with a theme) that hopefully introduce people to new music that they may not have been aware of previously. The most recent ones are featured below but you can find articles such as Backtracking, Artist in the Spotlight, Interviews etc HERE

Women in the Spotlight – CLICK HERE

Poetry of the Crowd: Tales from Lost Evenings 3 Festival – This featival  – CLICK HERE

Wee Wee Selfies

We… I… Ok there’s no way we can give an adequate explanation of these other than you will see them pop up on social media of people at gigs, having a wee… and taking a selfie. Yeah we know…sorry in advance.

Katie’s Bracelets

Katie May has been making bracelets with lyrics of your choice on (providing they can fit).  She has also made some special Solo Armada ones and has very kindly offered to donate 30% of costs to help fund the free badges that we give away. Find her post in the Facebook group and send a message to her if you would like to order one. 


Lost Evenings III Group Photo

Glenn Morrison took a stunning photo of the Solo Armada at Lost Evenings III and is very kindly selling prints aiming to raise £500. Half will be donated to the charity Safe Gigs for Women and the other half will go towards funding the Solo Armada badges that we give out. Message Glenn through the Facebook group and see how much he has raised so for HERE.

And one final thing…

Safe & Welcoming Atmosphere

The Solo Armada aims to create a fun and enjoyable experience: before, during and after events. We encourage individuals and groups to see live music and meet up with other like-minded people that share common interests.

If at some point the experience becomes a negative one through another’s aggression, harassment or unwanted attention, we urge you to inform one of our admins of the Facebook Group through a direct message or by emailing:

We have zero tolerance for harassment in any form and hope everyone that is part of the Solo Armada feels the same. We expect everyone to help create a safe and fun environment for all to enjoy without compromising their own, or others safety.

We’re all here to have the best time and make friends that can last a lifetime! Catch you all at a gig some time!