28th May 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

For many, each of the previous Lost Evenings has been more about the people we meet and the friends we make, and this year was no different. And for this reason we have decided to write a reflection, not on the gigs, but on the people and their stories that have made the festival so special. 

You can find many different people at any gig, not just a Frank Turner gig. They come from different backgrounds, different countries and have completely different experiences in life. But one thing unites them, they’re there for that one special gig at the exact same moment, and in that moment, differences don’t matter. 

However, people are fighting things some may thankfully never have to go through. For all the heartwarming stories you may hear from any Lost Evenings there’s that one person that needs support. But if there’s anywhere you can guarantee support it’s at a Lost Evenings gig. 

Lost Evenings 3 was no different.

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Frank Turner Fan

Before Lost Evenings 3 I’d seen Frank play twice with my fiance and both shows were amazing. However last year I had gotten laid off from work and sunk into a deep depression which was the start off a very dark period for me. It was about a month after I lost my job that my fiance made the decision to leave me because I had “changed”, which of course sunk me into an even deeper depression.

My entire life changed, I was out of a job and bills were piling up with no hope in sight. It got to the point where I saw no other choice but to take my own life and actually went ahead and attempted suicide. I’m here now only for the simple fact that I’m shit at tying knots, and as I sat on the ground “Get Better” came on the playlist that was playing. From that point on I decided to truly fight to get back on my feet and get on with my life.

In addition to the depression my anxiety was out of control. I had purchased the tickets for LE3 when they were released in the hope I would be better by the time the festival rolled around. I wasn’t even close. I had gotten into a car accident the week before to which I thought was a sure sign that I shouldn’t go, especially by myself. I couldn’t sell the tickets so I decided to test fate and go.

I had seen some posts with people saying they were going solo and I remember seeing a lot of encouragement from others on social media. I thought I would try that with a post of my own in the hope I could get to know a few people before the show, maybe sightly subduing my anxiety. The response was amazing and that was my introduction to the Solo Armada. The people I spoke to made me feel right at home like we were all old friends from high school and were just catching up over a beer. During the festival I did have a few anxiety attacks but they were quickly subdued with help from everyone around. Thank you to those that have helped me so far. The Solo Armada truly is remarkable.

Dave Rannow taking polaroid pictures throughout the festival

Jared & Sydney

We both live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and met on Tinder a little over two years ago now. Both of us matched because we had either Frank songs or lyrics as part of our profiles so it was rude not to swipe right! What did turn out to be unexpected was that we had lived four streets away from one another our entire lives and had never met, not even bumped into one another! Obviously we went on a few dates and really hit it off.

At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type III which is a Neuromuscular disease. It basically robbed me of the strength in my core, upper leg and arm muscles and proves very difficult to get around. I used to walk with a cane and this made dating extremely hard for me and caused me to be quite self-concious.

A few months into dating Sydney, I took a fall in my bedroom and broke my tibia and fibia. Long story short, I spent 7 months in bed, 3 of those in hospital and rehab. This was awful for me because not only waas my mobility tough before the fall, it allowed my muscles to atrophy quicker. I couldn’t do anything for myself. Yet Sydney remained by my side throughout the entire thing.

I am now about 99% wheelchair bound. During rehab I was once again able to take a few steps with Sydney’s help, and can now also stand for a few minutes at a time. However, she still needs to help me in and out of my chair, bed, into the bathroom, etc. She is the most incredible human being, and I don’t think I’d have got through those months without her. We’ve travelled to see Frank many different times together, and his music has helped both of us get through many trying times, both individually and together.

Lost Evenings 3 coincided with out two year anniversary. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than seeing Frank play live. After all if wasn’t for him we would never have met. However, I wanted Lost Evenings to be really special.

On our way to the venue on Saturday, we took a walk (roll) through the Boston Public Garden and found a nice quiet bench overlooking the pond to take a break on. I took Sydney’s hand, said some words (none of the ones I had planned – I was so nervous) and asked her to marry me. After a few seconds of tears and realising that I wasn’t joking, she said “Yes.” Best moment of my life

We then celebrated the rest of the day at Bill’s Bar and at the of course at the gig that evening.

A few days later we woke up at 4am in the morning and got ourselves tickets to LE4 in Berlin! What better way to celebrate our honeymoon!

Lets hear it for the bar staff 1, 2, 3! Bills Bar staff from left to right: Benita, Devon and Sarah

Heather & Bill (AKA Dad)

I went to LE2 last year (California to London!) with my best concert buddy and it goes without saying, it was awesome. The plan was to go again, no matter where LE3 was. Well when they announced Boston, I was over the moon as that is where I grew up and half of my family lives there. So aside from the joy of seeing them, the free bed was an extra bonus!!

Tickets bought, flights booked and it’s a GO! Then a few weeks before we were to leave, my concert buddy had to back out due to some family health issues, combined with work issues. I was sad, but still planned on going. I have been to many a show alone, and knew I could handle it. Besides, I have met so many lovely people from the 25+ Frank Turner shows I have been to up to this point. I knew I would be surrounded with friends (and the Solo Armada!).

So the first 3 shows were fun (of course!), and with the GA floor tickets, I mostly wandered around and made new friends wherever I was standing. But on night 4, I was bringing my 84 year old dad along. Now, my dad is not your average 84 year old. He goes to live music at least once a week and had already seen Frank three times (but never with me). He said he was fine standing for 6 hours in a crowd. But I wanted to take good care of him so I talked to the House of Blues people and worked out some ADA seating for Dad.

After dragging him (willingly) along to a couple of the panels, we went into the show and were shown to his ADA seat. He was grateful for this as, in reality, there is no way he could have stood for that long. So Dad and I enjoyed the last night of LE3 from the balcony, him in a chair, me next to him dancing my ass off and it made for a great memory. He had an awesome time and I loved sharing my joy of Frank and the Souls with him. I hope to go to more concerts with my dad in the coming years!

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