Nick Alexander Stage: THE TYPICAL JOHNSONS

Nick Alexander Stage: THE TYPICAL JOHNSONS

10th May 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

Across the four days of Lost Evenings 3 there are seven acts appearing each day of the festival and that’s BEFORE Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls headline. 

Leading up to the festival the Solo Armada will be highlighting some of the supports and who they are, particularly those that are appearing on the Nick Alexander Stage. Some bands/artists you may already be familiar with but some might be a complete mystery.

Hopefully by the time we have published the last article you will not only have discovered new music but also have a clearer idea of who you definitely want to see on the Nick Alexander Stage at Lost Evenings 3.

The Solo Armada will be there throughout welcoming those that have travelled to the festival alone and who would like some company to laugh, dance and sing. However ANYONE is welcome to join us, it’s about having as good a time as possible!

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Dirty old Rock ‘n Roll from the heart of Ohio!

DSC_4849They are a little bit Rock N Roll, a little bit old time Country Music. Then you mix in some Punk influence, throw in some Southern Rock and Indie, put all of that  into the blender and you have what some have described as “Dirty Northern Folk Rock”. They are The Typical Johnsons…and it’s Rock N Roll. Named after an idea that we’re all the same and that we all have the ability to get up and play and perform and write what we feel. The Typical Johnsons stand for the regular person playing guitar in the basement or banging away on the drum kit out in the garage on the weekend. The Typical Johnsons are the guys who get excited when they learn a new chord progression or bass line for a new song and so are their fans. They are Lo-Fi, if you will, regular typical people. Heartland, grass roots, coming at you from the ground up, call it what you want, but it sounds like middle America to their fans.

32511992_10209045373571097_7110708732400Long – time friends Jeremy and Lynne began practicing and writing music in 2012 and at the time, neither of them had been playing for more than a year. Knowing only that the lyrics that they were writing could be drawn directly from their lives, they learned on the go preferring to gain experince by playing live shows. Described by listeners as a Folk/ Americana / Roots Rock hybrid in the DIY tradition; the lyrical content is the focal point of all the original songs. Delving into the familiar territory of a life lived, relationships and past success/regrets the music through the filter of both artists attempts to take on a life of its own. 

Drawing on influences from old Americana artists as well as modern Songwriters the duo tries to maintain the feeling involved with each topic they write about putting their own personal spin on each of the genres they cross. Maintaining a “bare bones” approach as much as possible and focusing primarily on the lyrics, in each song they attempt to show a snapshot from the story of a life. 

Jeremy and Lynne’s first release, the full length album “Drawing Blood” was released in March of 2015 and for the next year Jeremy and Lynne continued to perform live as a duo, booking and writing and making new connections. Within the same release year Jeremy and Lynne were also the proud reciepients of the Ohio Music Award for “Best Folk Song” in 2015; for the track “Inside My Head” off of Drawing Blood.

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