Nick Alexander Stage: THE ONLY HUMANS

Nick Alexander Stage: THE ONLY HUMANS

10th May 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

Across the four days of Lost Evenings 3 there are seven acts appearing each day of the festival and that’s BEFORE Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls headline. 

Leading up to the festival the Solo Armada will be highlighting some of the supports and who they are, particularly those that are appearing on the Nick Alexander Stage. Some bands/artists you may already be familiar with but some might be a complete mystery.

Hopefully by the time we have published the last article you will not only have discovered new music but also have a clearer idea of who you definitely want to see on the Nick Alexander Stage at Lost Evenings 3.

The Solo Armada will be there throughout welcoming those that have travelled to the festival alone and who would like some company to laugh, dance and sing. However ANYONE is welcome to join us, it’s about having as good a time as possible!

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If there’s only one other  band besides Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls that you get to see at Lost Evenings 3 it has to be The Only Humans, the winners of the Xtra Mile Recordings support slot. Before the last remaining supports for the final night of LE3 were revealed Xtra Mile held a competition for local Boston bands/artists to apply for one of the slots available on the Nick Alexander Stage. The Only Humans were chosen and rightly so.  We spoke to lead singer and guitarist, Tim Howd to find out what the experience was like and how it feels to be playing at Lost Evenings 3…

The Only Humans sing only sad songs, but nobody believes them. With Greenwich Village folk sensibilities and punk rock energy, The Only Humans’ lyric-driven songs seek to turn lonely-in-the-crowded-room moments into violin-shredding bangers. They released their first album, “Oh, God!” Or: The Unfortunate Lens of Happiness in 2017, and over the next few years, they intend to take their 50+ (and counting) unrecorded songs and divine the exact centre of the spectrum between DIY acoustic home-recordings and full blown Meat Loaf-level orchestration and production.

Listen to The Only Humans album, ‘Oh God’:

What made you apply to the Xtra Mile competition?

I have always been the biggest fan of the sense of community Frank Turner, his collaborators, and his fans engender. When you’re at a Frank Turner show, or reading his posts about other musicians or his collaborators, you never get the feeling that he is working some kind of angle. You get a sense that he is a musician who is excited and grateful to be doing what he is doing and excited to share that with as many people as possible. I think Lost Evenings is the culmination of that sense of community, and everyone participating in Lost Evenings embodies that same spirit.

We are happy to play almost any show we can, but the pinnacle for us would be playing at an event like Lost Evenings. Experiencing this coming together of people with a common bond, people just thrilled to be playing music with and for other people, is so high up on our list that not applying for this competition was out of the question.

Did you have to audition ?
There was no in-person audition for this competition. Entrants signed up by providing a biography, music, and our social media information. From what I understand, Frank Turner and Xtra Mile Recordings (his record label, who hosted the competition), reviewed the music everyone submitted and picked a winner from there.
Where were you and how did you feel when you found out?
I was at work. My phone buzzed and I saw that it was an email from Xtra Mile Recordings. I think with any kind of competition like this, there’s a part of your brain that wants to temper hopes to save you from being disappointed, so I very matter-of-factly thought to myself, Well, there’s that rejection I’ve been waiting for. I opened it up and it said –
CONGRATULATIONS!! You have been personally picked by Frank Turner to perform at this year’s Lost Evenings Festival in Boston.” 
I took a screen grab of that right away and I sent it to my band. Just as skeptical as me, this was their response:

I went back and reviewed my original email, and the contest rules, just in case it was a situation like, “Everybody who enters wins!” or maybe everyone else who tried to enter got the wrong email so we got in by default. Like I said, you tend to automatically temper expectations.

But as we followed up with the record company and got more details about the show and actually saw our name added to the official admat for the weekend, it sank in that we were actually going to be a part of the event.

And how are you feeling now?
We are so excited. We are excited for any opportunity to play for anyone who hasn’t met us or seen us before, and to be able to do it as part of Lost Evenings is definitely a personal dream of mine. 
And we are really grateful to have been selected, and the response we have received. We heard from a band that applied for this competition, and they were so kind in their congratulations. Everyone we’ve talked to so far at Xtra Mile Recordings about show details and logistics has been beyond generous and enthusiastic to have us on board. It’s a great feeling to have my perceptions about Frank Turner and the sense of community he and his team fosters be confirmed as the reality.

The Only Humans are: 

Renée Gauthier (Violin, Bass, Vocals)

Tim Howd (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Neil Morrissey (Violin)

Kyle Rossi (Lead Guitar, Bass) 

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