Nick Alexander Stage: OWEN MCMAHON

Nick Alexander Stage: OWEN MCMAHON

10th May 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

Across the four days of Lost Evenings 3 there are seven acts appearing each day of the festival and that’s BEFORE Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls headline. 

Leading up to the festival the Solo Armada will be highlighting some of the supports and who they are, particularly those that are appearing on the Nick Alexander Stage. Some bands/artists you may already be familiar with but some might be a complete mystery.

Hopefully by the time we have published the last article you will not only have discovered new music but also have a clearer idea of who you definitely want to see on the Nick Alexander Stage at Lost Evenings 3.

The Solo Armada will be there throughout welcoming those that have travelled to the festival alone and who would like some company to laugh, dance and sing. However ANYONE is welcome to join us, it’s about having as good a time as possible!

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Owen McMahon is a singer-songwriter from Thomaston, CT. He has played shows and open mics in coffeehouses, dive bars and backyards all over the Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts and is planning to do much more all over the country, and indeed the world. With influences including elemental songwriters like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, to modern masters like Frank Turner and Josh Ritter he writes inspired and ambitious songs that include not only memorable melodies, but also transcendent lyrics.

“I come from a small town in Connecticut where it’s hard to feel like you’re a part of the world. My town was far down river from the naturals, the troubadours, and the heroes that I dreamed of being as a kid. Growing up in my hometown life sometimes felt mythless. Still, I always believed there was something there, something here that mattered. It’s something to be understood, a story to be told, something better to be reached for, and, if you’re good enough, just a piece of something transcendent. I can’t stay here to do those things, and I won’t. These first songs of mine are both a new beginning to, and a continuation of, a collective, long and noisy prayer.” – Owen McMahon

Listen to Owen McMahon’s’ EP, Sneakers to Fill:

He has just released his first EP entitled “Sneakers to Fill” which can be found on all online music platforms. He is planning on releasing a full-length album by the end of the summer of 2019.

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