Nick Alexander Stage: AMANDA ROSE RILEY

Nick Alexander Stage: AMANDA ROSE RILEY

6th May 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

Across the four days of Lost Evenings 3 there are seven acts appearing each day of the festival and that’s BEFORE Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls headline. 

Leading up to the festival the Solo Armada will be highlighting some of the supports and who they are, particularly those that are appearing on the Nick Alexander Stage. Some bands/artists you may already be familiar with but some might be a complete mystery.

Hopefully by the time we have published the last article you will not only have discovered new music but also have a clearer idea of who you definitely want to see on the Nick Alexander Stage at Lost Evenings 3.

The Solo Armada will be there throughout welcoming those that have travelled to the festival alone and who would like some company to laugh, dance and sing. However ANYONE is welcome to join us, it’s about having as good a time as possible!

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Amanda Rose Riley has a special way of cutting through the noise of everyday life with her music.

Guided by a career-defining persistence, determination, and an appetite for making her dreams her reality, the New Jersey-bornand-bred artist has spent the last few years showing the world what she has to offer, creating eclectic acoustic songs and performing primarily in New Jersey, New York City, and England, her second home.

Armed with her guitar and the desire to touch the lives of her listeners through her songs, Amanda released her first studio album in March of 2018. Through her lyrics and melodies, she hopes to speak to her audience in a similar way to how her favorite artists have influenced her. “The idea of making people feel something and having a positive impact on them is the number one motivation that keeps me going,” she says. “Honestly when I daydream about ‘success,’ instead of picturing money and huge gigs, I’m always imagining the connections I will have with people. I see how much my favorite songwriters have inspired me and the people I know in so many ways: listening to those songs is cathartic, we get the words tattooed on us… it changes our lives. I think seeing and experiencing that kind of power that a song can have is what inspired me to make music the most, out of everything.”

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Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole, recorded at Portrait Recording Studios in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, harnesses Amanda’s blossoming signature style and puts it on full display for listeners everywhere.
Comforting and calming while embodying a lighthearted spirit that shines through in her lyrics and melodies, it is an insightful collection that draws on the experiences she has lived on her musical journey so far, a journey that has taken her on the seas three years in a row aboard the Flogging Molly Cruise, to the stage at Asbury Park’s famed Stone Pony, and that has allowed her to perform with one of her biggest artistic inspirations, Frank Turner.

“It’s an album about music, and specifically it’s mostly about this journey I’m on, and have been on,” Amanda says about Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole. “I just kept writing song after song about music and about following that dream, and I couldn’t stop…When I had all the songs, I was amazed by how many different insights I had inside me about music and following a difficult dream, and how much I had needed to share them without knowing it.”

Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole can be purchased and streamed from Amanda’s website and all major digital stores and streaming apps. She is currently working on her second album.

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