Women in the Spotlight – CHLOE GLOVER

Women in the Spotlight – CHLOE GLOVER

29th March 2019 0 By Wes Bowie

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‘“Chloe Glover is a singer/songwriter with ridiculous range. Her mindful songwriting combined with her incredible voice makes her a stand out talent in the UK’s thriving folk/acoustic scene.”
–  Under the Bridge Promotions
Chloe Glover has been making music since she was ten years old and remembers being a nervous wreak when performing her first solo gig at the age of sixteen, playing keyboard as well as singing. Back then piano was the first instrument that Chloe had learned to play.  
“I had to leave as soon as my set finished because I wasn’t technically old enough to be at the venue! Recently I’m far more comfortable onstage after years of practice, and I’m always with my trusty guitar. I still get terrible stage fright, but I’m much happier performing than I was in those first few years.”
Since then Chloe has landed some incredible support slots, playing with Gaz Brookfield, Sean McGowan, Katie Ellen, Woahnows, Adult Mom, and Joe McCorriston to name a few! “It’s always an absolute honour to play with acts who I look up to so much.” As well as headlining shows in London, Brighton, Manchester, and Bradford Chloe has also been on three UK tours with Chloe Hawes, Arms & Hearts, Joe McCorriston and in May tours with Andrew Cream, headlining at Gullivers in Manchester.
“I’ve had lots of good advice over the years! I had a really wonderful chat with El Morgan, the stunningly talented singer-songwriter from Brighton, after we played a show together. We were outside of The Castle in Manchester and it was absolutely packed, but she gave me some words of wisdom that I’ll never forget. She told me not to give up, ever – and to keep pursuing this as much as I can. She also told me never to change what I am good at for the sake of other people’s opinion. And as a huge fan of El’s music and her as a person, I’ll treasure that memory forever.”
Steve Millar of Arms & Hearts has also given Chloe good advice which was short and to the point. “Just go for it – I’d been put off asking for big exciting support slots because I thought I’m not talented, popular or well known enough to get it, so why bother ask? Steve taught me the power of just asking because you never know, and it’s paid off over the years!”
“Another good tip I’ve picked up, albeit not advice specifically, is don’t let people tell you ‘how’ to perform. Some people drink before a set, some people don’t. Some people just play, some people prefer to chat to the crowd between songs. Some people get stage fright, and it’s important to let people deal with that however they need to. I find it very infuriating when musicians try to tell fellow artists the ‘right’ way to do things – there isn’t a right way, just keep creating and performing and you’ll find the way that works best for you.”
Chloe is set to have an EP come out in the next couple of months and heads out on a weekender tour with the phenomenally talented Andrew Cream in May.  
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Upcoming Shows

May 3-5th – 0161 Festival, Nuerous Venues in Manchester TICKETS HERE 
May 9th – Gullivers, Manchester TICKETS HERE (w/ Andrew Cream)
May 11th – Leigh Depot, Edinburgh (w/ Andrew Cream) 
May 12th – Wharf Chambers, Leeds (w/ Andrew Cream) 

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