Solo Armada Enamel Pin Badges – How to Order

Solo Armada Enamel Pin Badges – How to Order

18th January 2019 1 By Wes Bowie


We’re bringing back the very popular enamel pin badges, with a whole new colour!

Unlike the previous batch these will be available for everyone to get, not limited to a certain number.

We’re asking for payment for the enamel badges as they cost a lot more to produce and post than the Button Badges we give away for free at gigs. Don’t worry, the free badges will still be available with the new colour scheme.

As most of you know everything we do is self funded with a few generous contributions and there is no profit involved. Everything goes into producing the free badges, the running of the website and all other associated costs. Postage and packaging is also included in the cost of the badges. Please note that there are different costs below if you live outside the UK.

How to Order & Make Payment


If you would like to place an order send an email to the below address including your name, address and how many badges you would like:


Then select the payment below that corresponds to the postal address and how many badges you are ordering. S

UK Residents (includes postage)

Outside UK (includes £2.50 postage)

Thanks to each and everyone of you for supporting and helping what we’re trying to achieve so far, bringing people together through a shared love of music!